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Businesses Are Thriving with BTM Solutions

“We looked at several different software packages in the last 24 months before choosing BTM. Our main concern was choosing a product and company that would offer not only the best service but also the best value and ROI. We decided BTM Solutions offered the best total Solution.”

Southern Ag & Turf Tifton

“BTM Solutions has provided Steel Service with top-notch sales and tech support since 1999. Their proven support staff has taught us many shortcuts and written custom programs that save us time and money. Their ability and knowledge of the software are exceptional.” 

Steel Service Corporation

“Software is only as good as the people who stand behind it. When your business is on the line, you don’t want excuses, you want results. BTM Solutions has always given us results, not excuses.” 

Parts Rebuilders

“We’ve used SouthWare for 12+ years. When we started, we were a small company and decided not to use some of the built-in functionality of SW. Over the years, we’ve come back to SW and used this functionality to help us see what’s happening in our business. We added MRP in 2006, giving us visibility into our production and inventory at all stages of the process. We’ve had fewer stock outs this year due to SouthWare and MRP, and in our business, our products must get there and work. Every play depends on it!”

From a 20 year user of SouthWare…

“L. D. Amory and Co., Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated seafood processor and wholesaler on the waterfront in downtown Hampton, Virginia. Founded in 1917 by the owner’s great-grandfather, the business has grown to include a reefer trucking company specializing in hauling fresh and frozen seafood from the east coast to the mid- and upper-Midwest. We purchased SouthWare Excellence software as an enterprise solution for our business in 2004 after an exhaustive search.

Many software options could have accomplished our goals; we chose SouthWare because of the promise of personalized support from their dealer network, and our high expectations haven’t been disappointed with BTM Solutions as our SouthWare dealer. Though they’re physically hundreds of miles from us, technology allows them to be right in our office whenever we need them. Our contracted phone and internet support are outstanding. Their staff is very
knowledgeable and accessible. We hope to see them even more frequently as their client base increases in our neck of the woods.

I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone and welcome any inquiries
on their service and support.”

L. D. Amory and Co., Inc.,