SouthWare Excellence Series

The SouthWare Excellence Series is a family of fully integrated business software. For your traditional accounting needs, SouthWare products are simple enough to be easy but powerful enough to handle your most challenging situations. You can then go beyond traditional with innovative and unique ways to help you make better decisions, promote quality and excellence and plan for success.

All SouthWare Excellence Series products have multi-user design features, so you can easily move from a small SouthWare system to a very large SouthWare system as your business grows. The SouthWare Excellence Series is built around a unique portability technology that lets you choose from a growing list of over 600 different computer and operating system configurations. You’ll never outgrow your SouthWare software.


One key to a successful business is the ability to customize the system for your special needs while retaining compatibility with future upgrades. Powerful tools including screen overrides, Forms Adapter, Extended Data and Workflow allow you to change screens, customize forms, add new data fields and build-in your custom business rules and processes that make you unique. These changes automatically apply to new updates.


With SouthWare you get the most mature business software available. We’ve been able to incorporate new technology into each revision without rewriting our software from scratch. You get software that has the depth of functionality that comes only with many years of experience.


Another key to an excellent system is portability. With SouthWare’s Excellence Series you get the most portable software available so it will run on the system you need now and the one you’ll need in the future. Easily move between Windows, Thin Client, LINUX and Cloud.