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1)  We cannot easily extract pertinent information from our current system.
2) Our different accounting procedures are not easily integrated into the General Ledger.
3) Our processes are not automatically updated in the General Ledger.
4) We have no reliable cash flow analysis.
5) Our customer information is in too many different places in our system and not easily accessible.
6) Too much of our cash is tied up in our inventory.
7) Our month-end procedures are too complicated.
8) It is not easy to track the status of customers' orders.
9) Our on-time and on-budget delivery performance needs improvement
10) We have trouble determining and managing true product costs
11) We have no system for customer feedback and therefore no ability to see how we are servicing our customers.
12) We cannot be sure if our inventory counts are accurate.
13) We do not have a good system for determining material and capacity requirements.
14) Our vendor performance is hard to track
15) I am interested in real-time processing of sales and shipments.

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